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Doc Tom Strange was the counterpart of Tom Strong from Terra Obscura.


Strange frequently partnered with The Terror, a team dubbed "The World's Best" by the press.


Benton designed and built a spaceship, The Terrorizer, and flew to Venus on a test flight with Tom Strange. On their way back, they were captured by two lawmen from another world who based their crime-fighting identities on the Terror Twins. Unfortunately, there was also a version of Black Satan on the planet, and the Terror Twins and their counterparts were imprisoned and about to be killed when Strange and a local police officer rescued them. Strange showed the cop how to make Alosun to become that world's version of Tom Strange.


Tom Strange is revealed to have run across the Milky Way for 30 years to reach Tom Strong for help in stopping an alien menace which killed or imprisoned most of the science-heroes of Terra Obscura. It is judged Strange had set off on his task soon after Tom had left. The leaping from world to world temporarily drives Strange mad and he battles Tom before being subdued and sleeping for about a fortnight.

Once he awakens, he is of a much more calmer mind. The two set off back home in Tom's new ship, Tom shows Strange an array of comic books, produced on his earth, which matches the history and events on Strange's earth.

Tom helps Strange revive his surviving allies, who have been trapped in time by the alien menace for the thirty years, unaware and unaging. With the contents of a lab hidden deep in Invertica City, the assembled science heroes manage to neutralize the alien menace.

He operates with the modern incarnation of SMASH.


  • Alosun Enhanced Physiology: Strange is granted a variety of superhuman abilities via a magical chemical called Alosun.[1]
    • Invulnerability: Physically, Strange is "as dense as uranium".
    • Energy Absorption: Tom Strong describes Alosun as giving Strange the ability to store nuclear solar energy as mass.
    • Energy Projection: Can project beams of energy from his hands.[2]
    • Enhanced Vision: He was able to see surface features from space beyond normal vision.
    • Flight: He has been seen flying through space and able to control his movements while leaping, indicating his theoretical ability to fly.
    • Self-Sustenance: He can easily survive in the vacuum of space unaided. He remained awake and operated with continual exertion for thirty years without rest.
    • Superhuman Strength: He can push his mass to impossible levels due to an element he discovered.
      • Super-Leaping: Strange's vast strength allows him to leap great distances.
    • Superhuman Speed: He could be seen running across the galaxy.



  • Alosun Reliance: Strange must ingest Alosun on a regular basis in order to maintain his powers.



  • The character of "Doc" Hugo Strange actually does date back to the 1940s, when the character appeared in comics published by Nedor Comics, first appearing in Thrilling Comics #1 (February 1940). When the company went out of business, the character eventually entered the public domain. Alan Moore revived him for an appearance in Tom Strong, along with other heroes published by Nedor. As Marvel Comics holds the trademark on the name "Doctor Strange", ABC likely chose to avoid legal hassle and re-dub him, "Tom Strange".



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