Tommy Jagger is the son of the original Judomaster, Hadley Jagger, and is an agent of Checkmate.


Jagger is conflicted when Checkmate becomes involved in the elections of Santa Prisca at the request of the United Nations. Bane, his father's killer, is suspected of ballot stuffing, intimidation, and falsifying election results. Jagger volunteers for the mission and is turned down by White King Mr. Terrific. Josephine Tautin is picked, but a medical emergency prevents her from going. Reluctantly, Mr. Terrific agrees to Jagger's deployment, along with Fire. The mission is complicated by Fire when she acts on orders secretly given to her by Amanda Waller that results in Bane's direct intervention with Jagger. He resists the desire to avenge his father for honor, but does manage to beat Bane in a fight. The two agents make it to their exfiltration point and return to Checkmate headquarters where Jagger informs the royals of Fire's sabotage. Jagger also spent time as an undercover Kobra devotee, and is considered one of Checkmate's top field agents.


  • Tommy Jagger is an openly gay man.



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