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[[Category:Modern-Age Characters]]
[[Category:Modern-Age Characters]]
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[[Category:Serial Killers]]
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Tommy Mangles was a violent criminal who was responsible for well over eighty murders. He was a tall, muscular man with a ripped t-shirt, missing eye, a scarred face, and a mohawk. Mangles was first brought to justice when Commissioner Jim Gordon apprehended him as his last official act as Gotham City's police commissioner (he was later reinstated).

Mangles later confronted The Joker after he sodomized a man with a harmonica whom he found annoying. Mangles was planning to beat the Joker to a pulp, but the tables were turned when the Joker, who was feigning being helpless, punched him in the groin, popped his ears drums, kneed him in the throat, and beat him violently with his shoe. [1] Although seriously injured, Mangles survived, burning with hatred for Jim Gordon and determined to kill him. He crashed his enemy's retirement party (he later returned to the force), having clearly not thought his plan through - he was instantly surrounded by most of Gotham's finest, all with their guns drawn. He was arrested once more and incarcerated.[2]



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