T. O. Morrow was active during the 1940s, when he had a career as both a criminal and a roboticist. This led him to try to infiltrate the Justice Society with a superhuman robot sleeper agent. His three attempts (Red Torpedo, Red Inferno, and Red Tornado) all failed or betrayed him in unique ways.

In the present day, T. O. Morrow returned, seemingly unchanged, with the intention of regaining control of his runaway robots. Since Red Tornado was at this point the "den mother" for the secret Young Justice team, his efforts brought him into conflict with that team.

Eventually, one of Morrow's robots attempted to kill him... only to reveal that the seemingly young Morrow was actually a much older man using a robot controlled from a hospital bed. Red Tornado tracked down his maker and vowed to make him comfortable for whatever time he has left, as is his filial duty.




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