Tommy Sharp works for New York City's Daily News newspaper, writing as a columnist in the "Sharp Comments" section.

For the last three years, he's been working on a story that he believes will win him a Pulitzer. The story of the Fabletown community.

While he was spot-on in some regards, such as their immortality and Bigby's ability to transform into a wolf, Sharp wrongly believed that they were vampires. He confronted Bigby Wolf directly with his findings, offering him a chance to tell his side before the story went to print. Sharp had no idea what trouble he was about to get into...

Later in his apartment, Tommy was put under a sleep spell, along with the rest of the building, thanks to Briar Rose purposefully pricking her finger on a needle. In that time, Bigby, Jack, and Boy Blue ransacked his apartment and his computer files, destroying everything that linked to his story on them.

When he woke up, Tommy was in a dungeon cell beneath the Woodland Building, in his underwear. Bigby told him they had feasted on his blood, and he was now their thrall. Of course, he had no way of knowing that they were bluffing. But it didn't matter, as pictures had been taken of him allegedly molesting a child (actually Pinocchio) that they threatened to expose to the public if he ever told anyone about them. It was enough. Sharp promised to keep his mouth shut and to destroy all the evidence he had collected over the years.

He had received a summons by Bluebeard over the phone to meet him in Central Park at night. When he arrived, Bluebeard questioned him about the photos and files. Tommy confirmed he had done as they asked, destroying everything related to them. Bluebeard then shot him dead.



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