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Tommy Thompkins II is a clone and surrogate son of the original Thomas Thompkins of the first incarnation of the Newsboy Legion.

He is a founding member of the modern version of the Newsboy Legion.

Tommy was cloned as a spare body "Alpha Clone" by Dr. Thomas Thompkins while the doctor and the other important figures at Cadmus were under the mind control of Sleez. The other Alpha Clones were Anthony Rodriguez II, John Gabrielli II, Patrick MacGuire II and Walter Johnson II all of whom, with the final addition of Roberta Harper became the newest iteration of the Newsboy Legion. Tommy was awakened and rescued from Cadmus along with the other Alphas by Dubbilex when the DNAlien discovered their intended use. Once Dr. Thompkins regained control of his own mind he took on Tommy as a son and was horrified by the original intent of the experiment that created him. [1][2]

The Newsies' first realization that their memories are a bit faulty and do not match up with the modern world.

Tommy has the implanted memories of the first's childhood in the forties, along with some scattered memories of his from decades past the point Tommy was artificially aged to prior to awakening in Cadmus which can make him uncertain of just how long ago things he remembers occurred. [1]



  • Genetic Instability: His artificial aging left him susceptible to the clone plague like Cadmus' DNAliens even though he was cloned as a straight genetic copy of the original Thomas Thompkins rather than created by splicing the genetics of different species like the DNAliens. This was later cured and repaired using genetic material from Golden Guardian.
  • Memory: His memory plays tricks on him due to belonging to someone who grew up decades before his "birth" and can cause him trouble when he's uncertain of just when something actually happened.[1]