Thomas Wayne, Sr. is the Police Commissioner of Gotham City on the Antimatter Earth, one of few good cops taking on his son Owlman.

He along with his trusted inner circle of honest police officers keep Gotham City largely in check from the gangs who run wild, supported by "Boss" James Gordon and his surviving son Thomas Jr. who is also the costumed vigilante known as Owlman.

Commissioner Wayne's personal war against crime nearly cost him his entire family as the gangs retaliated for Wayne's effective repression of their criminal operations by killing his wife Martha and younger son Bruce. Only Thomas Jr. survived but was obviously scarred by the event. Thomas would blame his father for his mother's and brother's murders. It would be this resentment that would drive Thomas Jr. to become Owlman.

Wayne, Sr. has personally never forgiven his son for his many crimes as Owlman and seeks to kill Thomas Jr. despite being the only surviving member of his family left alive.



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