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Thomas Wayne was the father of Batman (Bruce Wayne).

Thomas Wayne was a philanthropic doctor who was publicly respected in Gotham City. In reality, Thomas secretly amassed his family's fortune by drugging and gaslighting Gotham's wealthiest families and robbing them of their fortunes while incarcerating them to Arkham Asylum. His illicit activities were closely affiliated with corrupt figures Carmine Falcone and Hamilton Hill.

Thomas and his wife Martha were murdered by Joe Chill on the orders of Hamilton Hill, who learned that Martha was planning on exposing their corruption. For the next twenty years, Thomas's name was respected until information on his corruption were released to the public and putting his son Bruce to learning the horrible truth about his father. Thomas was also the indirect cause of creating the costumed villains Lady Arkham and Penguin, whom they lost their parents and their lives ruined at the hands of Thomas.




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