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Quote1.png If you're going to be a doctor, then you must prepare yourself for the harsh realities of life. It's time to get your head out of the clouds. Quote2.png
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Thomas Wayne is a doctor living in Ingolstadt, Germany during the early 19th Century.

He worked at the local university where he challenged the unethical practices of his colleague Doctor Seltsam. One night while returning home from the theater Thomas and his wife were murdered by a highwayman named Mr. Van Klooster. This orphaned their young son, Bruce Wayne, who grew up to become a doctor like his father. Bruce eventually made discoveries in medical science that allowed him to mix the biological energy of different animals, creating hybrids like his Bat-Hound.

15 years after Thomas Wayne's death Bruce discovered his father's preserved brain in the anatomical vaults of the university. Bruce decided to resurrect his father with the help of his manservant Alfredo. Together they used other body parts to construct an idealized body for Thomas Wayne's brain, and shocked it to life during a lightning storm. The resurrected Thomas was incapable of speech, afraid of darkness and unable to withstand direct light. Bruce assumed his experiment was a failure, but a conversation with Doctor Seltsam reminded him that he hadn't accounted for the brain damage from his father's murder. To help repair the mind Bruce injected his father with the biological energy of a bat, reasoning this would make him less afraid of the night. Bruce also created a bat-like costume to ease his father's transition and cover the scarring. The transformation began instantly and horrified Thomas, causing him to break out of the castle and flee into the night.

In the following weeks Thomas Wayne terrorized the local town, stalking the roads and killing criminals. They began to call this monster the Bat-Man. Bruce had Alfredo and the Bat-Hound searching for Thomas every night. Eventually they found him in the middle of attacking a highwayman, who Bruce recognized as the man that killed his parents. Bruce intervened and stopped the murder, allowing Van Klooster to escape. They took Thomas back to the castle, but he broke out again shortly afterwards. The Bat-Man broke into the home of Bruce's beloved Julia Lavenza and kidnapped her, causing an angry mob to hunt him down with torches. Meanwhile Bruce followed clues that lead him to Doctor Seltsam, who was performing deadly experiments on Alfredo and Van Klooster. Doctor Seltsam confessed that he was responsible for ordering Van Klooster to kill the Waynes, in addition to orchestrating many other murders to provide human test subjects. The Bat-Man breaks into Seltsam's laboratory carrying Julia as the building is beginning to collapse. They fight and Seltsam is electrocuted. The Bat-Man holds up the building long enough for everyone to escape, then is crushed under the weight. He reaches out to Bruce with his hand and his last word is "son." Bruce believed his father had regressed completely into a monster, but Alfredo points out Thomas must have known about Seltsam and deliberately lead Bruce there. In the aftermath Burgermeister Gordon asks if Seltsam was destroyed by his own forbidden experiments. Bruce Wayne replies that Seltsam was destroyed by the Bat-Man.[1]



  • Thomas Wayne is referred to interchangeably as both "The Batman" and "The Bat-Man."


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