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Quote1.png Death is powerless against you if you leave a legacy of good behind. Death is powerless against you if you do your job. My father saved the lives of over four thousand people, one at a time... with his bare hands and his mind. Death was with him the entire time. Quote2.png
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Dr. Thomas Wayne was one of the most respected patrons in all of Gotham City. He inherited his family's ancestral home Wayne Manor and took charge of the family business Wayne Enterprises. A skilled surgeon and philanthropist, Dr. Wayne also established the charitable Wayne Foundation. He was the husband of socialite Martha Wayne and the father of Bruce Wayne, the future Batman.

Thomas Wayne was also a close colleague of Roger Elliot, another influential businessman. Together, the Waynes and the Elliots were considered one of "First Families of Gotham". At this time, Bruce Wayne befriended Roger and Marla Elliot's son, Thomas. Thomas Elliot — or "Tommy", as he was known — was one of the few friends Bruce ever had as a child. What Bruce didn't know however, was that Tommy suffered severe pathological tendencies. One evening, Tommy Elliot arranged an automobile accident for his parents. Upon hearing the news of the accident, Dr. Wayne rushed to Sacred Heart Hospital, where the Elliots had been taken. However, despite his extensive medical skills, Thomas was unable to save Roger Elliot's life, but he did succeed in saving Tommy's mother Marla, though her injuries would require extensive reconstructive surgery.[1]

A few weeks later, Thomas, Martha and young Bruce were walking home from a night out at the movies. A mugger known as "Joe Chill" pounced from the shadows of Park Row and assaulted them, demanding money. Dr. Wayne tried to fight back, but the mugger shot him directly in the chest, killing him. He then turned his gun on Martha and viciously ended her life as well. Bruce stared on in horror, as his parents lay dead beside him. Chill turned and ran from the alleyway. Bruce made a graveside promise that he would bring the lowly killer to justice and avenge their deaths.[2]


  • As a child, Thomas was a member of the Green Lantern fan club and his son Bruce (who occasionally works with his father's hero) keeps a autographed picture of ten-year-old Thomas and the Lantern.
  • Thomas was killed on June 26 at 10:47 PM.[4]
    • The Legion #29 gives his death year as 1976, however, in The Batman Files a newspaper article gives the year as 19?9, with the decade number being smudged out.