This character has been mentioned only and never actually shown in a comic book or on-screen. Despite their lack of physical appearances, information about them might still be relevant or interesting or at least worthy of documentation. Anything known about them is to be considered second-hand information.

Thorvall was a member of the Atlantean Royal Family and King of Atlantis prior to the Great Deluge.

His two children were Orin and Shalako.[1] Orin was given the throne after Thorvall's passing, and Shalako was appointed Orin's spiritual adviser (a powerful position) until political tensions tore them apart. Thorvall's reign was known to have taken place several thousand years after the departure of Arion the Immortal from Atlantis, although before the city was sunken underwater by the wrath of their sky god Suula.[2]

It is also mentioned that King Thorvall was the ruler of at least one of the Seven Kingdoms of Atlantis, called Hallenia. Some of the people from Hallenia were the founders of the hidden city of Skartaris.[3]

  • Despite having sired two sons, the name of Thorvall's wife is unknown or has not been revealed.
  • The specific circumstances of Thorvall's death are unknown.



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