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 Thought-Beasts are four-legged, horned, rhino-sized beasts native to the Scarlet Jungle and Glass Forest of Krypton that vaguely resemble an Earth triceratops.


They are aggressive and territorial omnivores, mostly subsisting off of plants but not unknown to prey on other animals and even anthropoid Kryptonians.[1] Their most distinctive trait is their head frill, which projects their thoughts and intentions.


A young Superboy happened upon a Thought-Beast that was abducted from Krypton by alien zoo-keepers before the explosion and reached Earth after smashing his cage open. Superboy was overpowered by the destructive monster and had to resort to lure it into another planet to get rid of it.[2]

Several years later, an adult Superman was nearly killed by another Thought-Beast when he went back to the past to collect a fungus that only grew in the Scarlet Jungle.[3]

Supergirl also had clashes with these beasts. Jax-Ur and other Phantom Zoners once tried to drive her mad with a vision of a Thought-Beast showing up in her bedroom.[4]

New Earth

Superman kept at least one Thought-Beast in his Fortress of Solitude.[5]

The Kandorian survivors that settled on New Krypton endeavored to bring the species back from extinction,[6] but all Though-Beasts perished when the planet exploded.

DC Super Hero Girls

Thought-Beasts also existed in this universe's Krypton as proved by a statement of Supergirl. As trying to bust open a barrier cast by the Enchantress, the Girl of Steel remarked it was "tougher than a Kryptonian Thought-Beast".

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  • Under the effects of a "yellow" sun, Thought-Beasts possess the same potential weaknesses as an average native from Krypton.


Habitat: Scarlet Jungle

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