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Thrall was a powerful Apokoliptian warlock who pretended to be bound and subdued by Arcanis.

Arcanis then offered Thrall to Nabu as a new obedient host. However, in reality, Thrall was a superior to Arcanis and was impersonating a slave. He is so powerful, that he wills Nabu into serving him instead. However, Nabu is able to reach out to Khalid, who was Dr Fate using their mental connection and gives him a powerful spell which he used to decapitate Thrall and take back the helmet.


  • Helmet of Fate: Granted by Bastet, the Helmet previously belonged to Nabu who was a scholar of Thoth. Thrall later took it from Dr. Fate. It grants the wearer the knowledge and powers of an Egyptian god.



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