• I've only just made this, so it might be a bit buggy.

    {{Spoiler Post}}.

    This is not a requirement at all, but if you'd like to be nice and help other users avoid reading spoilers in your wall post or forum post, you can use this template to hide those spoilers.

    For example, if I were going to spoil part of Richard Donner's Superman II, then, I would use the template to do this:

    It is used by typing {{Spoiler Post|Whatever the spoiler is|Whatever you are spoiling}}.

    You can put your whole post in it, or just a little bit. The point is just to help keep the big plot twists a surprise for people who want it to stay a surprise.

    Like I said, you are not required to use this. It is at your discretion.

    Oh, and don't use it anywhere BUT message walls, forum posts, and talk pages.

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    • Thanks for reminding me I still have to watch Superman II.

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    • Good thing I put the spoilers into the special template, huh?!

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    • Me and the sentence "watch out, spoilers" is like a bug and a bug zapper.

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    • i feel after at least 10 years of a film being out any info about it shouldn't be spoilers

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    • A FANDOM user
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