• This affects almost nothing, but in case you're wondering, we have decided to colour-code the administrators.

    Their usernames will now appear bolded and in an array of dorky colours in the Recent Activity pages, message walls, and elsewhere.

    Should you see an edit or a message wall post from one of these colours/users, you will now immediately know that somewhere, someone colourful was administrating. Look to the sky!

    This post is only meant to explain why some users have coloured usernames while others don't.
    Also, I'm proud of having figured out how to do it, so I'm flaunting it. Whatevs.

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    • Why, yes, those are hard to read against that background.

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    • Not to sound like a suck-up or anything, but I think this is pretty freakin' cool. It gives the Recent Activity so much more life with all the colors! Nice job, Hatebunny.

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    • Midoki24 don't tip.

      Sorry, had to be said :p

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    • A FANDOM user
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