• Hi. Can you please take it easy on the defunct companies? We're not quite sure which we should cover.

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    • I do tend to shy away from the like, however, Young Romance's page led me to believe that DC owned the rights in full. It doesn't help that DC reprinted the first issue under the Millenium Edition imprint, and carried on the series for 80+ issues after the original run ended. That, and Fighting American and Black Magic's first runs are all up on the site, too. And if those could continue in an entire different run, with the original Prize still being up, why shouldn't the Young Romance title be brought on too.. especially since with this series, the numbering continued right where the last left off..

      But! I do like to comply with the rules, so I'll hold off on the series for now, for sure. So thanks for the heads up and the link to the discussion on defunct companies, as I hardly follow discussions anymore.

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