• Hello, Jamie. I am a regular editor of the Superpower wiki and felt the need to warn you of a potentially raucous user here on the wiki that I frequent for references and citation. I don't know whether or not he has actually made substantial progress on actually making any quality contributions to any wiki he has been a part of, but from my experience, he has only insulted users, fabricated inaccurate conclusion or completely counter-factual allegations to strengthen his argument, edited multiple user's comments to suit his own intentions, misinform authority and other high ranking members to try to indirectly ban other users, and generally declare himself to be the final authority despite contradicting the source material and any proof against his assertions.

    From what I understand, he has been banned from four wikis, is making a glaring reproduction of the OBD wiki and declaring it to be the original which is personal effrontery to me since I and others worked sedulously on making it a debating haven and a legitimate power level reference for fiction. I hope for the best, but at the same time, I don't want this wiki to endure the waste of time spent cleaning edits that he has done to ensure his illusory sovereignty. Thank you.

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    • Thanks for letting me know. We'll keep an eye out. What's his username?

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    • BeyonderGod. I honestly don't know how, throughout the entire original post, I did not mention his name.

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    • I concur, after we banned him over at the Marvel Wiki for many of the same reasons above, I've been keeping tabs on him since May out of personal curiosity. Basically he roams from wiki to wiki getting into the same argument with people over and over. When people disagree with him, he either displays the above behaviour or moves on to another Wiki.

      So far he's had issues with the following Wikis:

      • Factpile
      • Sonic
      • VSBattles
      • Superpower

      Among others I'm sure

      Most cases there are instances of swearing at users, admins, and using homophobic slurs.

      I thought I'd bring you up to speed that this is a recurring pattern wherever he goes, and looking at all the edit histories on the referenced sites he's had quite an unproductive summer picking fights with people and being a rather bothersome person on other Wikis.

      Although judging from his most recent haunts, he's taken to making his own wikis which are basically fanons, "battle" fiction, and other niche sites that he can tailor to whatever his worldview is. Hopefully that keeps him occupied to be too much of a bother anywhere else.

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    • I'd rather he make an original fanon battle wiki instead of plagiarizing another wiki's title with the logo, freely advertising it under his own name, and then claiming it to be the original. On the other hand, it's certainly better than him provoking other users with his unassailable 'debating'.

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    • A FANDOM user
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