• Don't be obtuse. The Jason Todd situation is a relic of the template pre-Lua where the template couldn't handle commas and stuff like Hair2 had to be used instead. The situation has flipped now and only commas work and Hair2 doesn't even do anything, so I don't see why you're rigidly sticking to it. Also, these two pages are far from the only ones in the situation as there are other character pages with Hair2 instead of commas that need to be updated. I'm changing both now.

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    • You just insulted me. I'm not being obtuse. You didn't even explain your reasoning in the first place, so how was I supposed to know?

      1. When I tried using commas on the Felicity Smoak page, both hair colours weren't linked, that's why I used the Jason Todd page as an example.

      As there's been discussions going on about this topic all day, obviously I'm going to be on guard when you just go and change something.

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    • Also, if like you say, a lot of other pages still use the |Hair2 = field, it's not my fault for following an example I saw on another way larger, and more popular article.

      That means they all need to be updated, as most people use examples they see from other articles, especially users that haven't been keeping up with the template updates (which is my fault admittedly).

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    • Relax. Don't take things to personally. My edit allowed both the "black" and "blond" fields to show up where it hadn't before, so your edit to undo the change appeared inexplicable to me. The only reason I responded so strongly.

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    • BTW, black hair (at least) did show up after your first edit. You must have missed it.

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    • A FANDOM user
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