• I understand you were trying to get the name issues sorted out with the Super Friends episode "Trial of the Super Friends". And it is something that needs to be done.

    However, deleting the old page - "Trial Of The Super Friends" - since an error was made by creating a skeleton for the right title doesn't fix things.

    The old page should have been Moved so that anything linked to it would automatically flow the the new page. Either by a 'bot run to fix the links or by the redirect being there. This would also retain the summary that is on the old page and the edit history of what has been done on the topic.

    It may take longer for the move to get done, but that's beeter than throwing work and credit for it out.

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    • I know, I did that like a week ago when I didn't know which was supposed to be deleted.

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    • Tupka explained to me that the edit histories are supposed to be preserved, which I didn't know a while ago.

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    • Ideally, if you had done a lot of work on the new page, the pages would be merged.

      If, as it appears, the only additive difference is the swap out for a more correct infobox image, I'd suggest:

      • Duplicating your edit on the old page;
      • Tagging the page that only you've edited (my adding the Merge From template really doesn't count) for deletion; and
      • Tage the old page for a move with an expiation at the Move category talk page that it's replacing a page you created in error.

      That keeps you contribution to the topic, keeps the edit history, and gets all the links pointing to the one article.

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    • Will do.

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    • Thanks for informing me about the merge template by the way, didn't know it existed beforehand. I would have used it in the first place if I had known.

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    • Not a problem. It is useful to know it's on site.

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    • A FANDOM user
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