• Good job on your updates. FYI there's a difference in results between using [[Wallace West (New Earth)]] and {{a|[[Wallace West (New Earth)]]}}. We don't use the {{A}} in the synopsis.

    The [[Wallace West (New Earth)]] is just a link. So clicking on it will actually bring you to that page. It doesn't do any category magic.

    The {{a|[[Wallace West (New Earth)]]}} actually uses the {{A}} template. We can find and search where all a character has appeared in comics by adding the Category:Wallace West (New Earth)/Appearances category to a comic. However, we don't do this manually. We put the {{A}} template around a link and it will auto add the category to this comic. You can see the categories at the bottom. You'll also notice when looking at a character's page that there's a link that will link you to these appearances this character has made as well. Magic!

    We don't use the {{A}} template in the synposis part of the comic page. Sometimes a character may only be mentioned and we don't want to accidentally add them as an appearance. Also, sometimes we use bots to mass update. It makes it a little cleaner if we just follow the rules of having appearances in the one section, and in the synopsis just use the links. There might be some other reasons too I'm just not thinking of them right now...

    Let me know if that wasn't clear. I've made the updates to your recent synopsis updates so feel free to review those changes. Keep up the good work!

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    • Thanks man, its a learning process! I am really enjoying the Flash run so far. "The Return of Barry Allen" arc was amazing ... just feels different to many of todays comics.

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