• Hi, I’m new on this wiki and I want to get started by updating character history in the New 52, however, I’ve found that Prime Earth characters (e.g. Mogo) that usually follow the same history as their New Earth counterparts seem to have the same parts of their history summarized on both pages, but written differently. Since I have only read comics from the New 52 (besides Flashpoint), should I just copy and paste their (specifically Mogo) history carried on from New Earth onto the New Page or leave the sections blank?

    Thanks. From my experience from other wikis a lot of people don’t really use boards, but I think this one does, does it?

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    • Hi. Yes, we do use forums.

      As for your question, I strongly recommend you to head over the DC Database:Prime Earth Project and check some of the things going on with the Prime Earth pages.

      You shouldn't copy and paste history from New Earth pages to Prime Earth ones. That's just not correct.

      However, you can update the New 52 history on pages. Just go to the section New 52 of the article and add the information there. If a Prime Earth page gets created for that character, that history will be moved over to the new page.

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    • Okay, thanks!

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