• For the last few years, I've been following the animated series; while the light-hearted kiddie humor has been kind of "hit-or-miss" for my sensibilities, the most enjoyable and interesting thing about it for me, in my opinion, has been playing a kind of scavenger hunt for all the underlying references to DC and its continuity and stuff. I've done quite well in identifying a lot of the Easter Eggs solo, up to this point. However, for the first time ever, I finally came across something that has stumped me.

    In the "Two Parter: Part One" episode, [that respirator-hooked jawbone you see at the back of this scene w/ the Kandor bottle and Doomsday skull] -- I feel like I've seen it before on someone...but I can't place who, or where, I may have seen this apparatus used for. Does anyone know where it's from? Who it belongs to? Or is it not really from anything in DC at all? That's a very real possibility, as well. It's been bugging me for a little while, and perhaps a sharper mind than mine in the DC Fandom can confirm or deny if this exists anywhere in the DCU.

    Thanks in advance for your help, gents 'n ladies!

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    • That looks like the mask Immortan Joe wore in the movie Mad Max: Fury Road.

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    • Wally Valdez wrote: That looks like the mask Immortan Joe wore in the movie Mad Max: Fury Road.

      Heh...[when you're right, you're right]! It totally is!

      My brain was so wired to the DC Universe when I caught sight of the mask, I had forgotten that I'd actually seen this mask through the movie! I totally remembered it wrong, so thank you, [Wally Valdez]. I was serious bugging over this one. Much appreciated, dude!

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    • No problem.

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    • You know, another questionable reference from another episode has bugged me as well; at an early point in the "Beast Man" episode, a graphic appears for the "[Random Animal Rally!]"

      If you look, you'll see this humanoid beast hanging on the bottom "R" in "RALLY," and I've also been curious if this is a DC Comics character that I'm not familiar with, if this is a character from some other franchise entirely (like Immortan Joe was in my original post), or if this character simply doesn't belong to anything at all.

      I've successfully spotted most of the hidden gems in the show, but every once in a while, I get a bit stumped, and I gotta reach out to those in the DC Fandom more seasoned than I. Hope you guys can help me with this one, too; give me a little peace of mind :-)

      Thanks in advance

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    • I don't think it's supposed to be a specific DC character, it might just be a Bigfoot-type creature.

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    • Wally Valdez wrote: I don't think it's supposed to be a specific DC character, it might just be a Bigfoot-type creature.

      It's possible. I also had a vibe of the actual Beast Man character from "He-Man and the Master of the Universe," myself...

      Reason I asked is because the hidden easter eggs in TTG! can get pretty obscure from time to time -- some are deadly obvious, while others take a little more effort to decode because the character is either low-key in DC, is culled from Vertigo Comics (which I'm far less familiar with), or comes from another franchise entirely, like the Immortan Joe mask in the OP.

      I'm inclined to believe you, dude; this one might be a write-off as Bigfoot or something, unless some other knowledgeable comic book fan were to say different...

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    • Hello world! Been too long since I've come by!

      I'm still having fun with my DCU "scavenger hunt" with the Teen Titans Go! program, and I'm still discovering new things each time I review and hunt for the hidden gems, but every now and again, I get stumped, and I humbly come here to consult with DC Comics fans more knowledgeable than I to gain some insight...if you are kind enough to share it with me! :)

      This one is from the "Double Trouble" episode: during the sequence in which Cyborg and Beast Boy's credit card payments are tracked to an apartment complex, I noticed a couple things I dismissed before. [The image in question can be found here]. Yeah, the reference to Clock King was pretty easy, but if you look carefully, you'll see two articles of graffiti on the concrete walls outside of the building: one seemingly reads "111511," and the other seems to say "CPL 4 EVA."

      My immediate guess for the first one is that it represents November 15th, 2011, or "11/15/11." If I'm not mistaken, that seems to coincide with the start of the launch of The New 52, but I don't think it fell on that precise date, nor am I sure that there was anything specific or particular about that date going on for DC Comics at the time. Perhaps a new release came out on that day? As for the second one, nothing about "CPL" leaps out at me, except that it might be the abbreviation for "Corporal," and I don't know any Corporal characters in DC that would be referenced here. Of course, I also admit that whatever is written here isn't terribly clear, so I may have read and interpreted both messages wrong altogether. Plus, admittedly, the writing may ultimately have no meaning at all, and have no relation whatsoever to DC Comics.

      Perhaps one of you guys can figure it out? That is, if there is anything to figure out

      Thanx in advance, gents and gals!

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    • CPL could be a reference to the CPL Gang. Probably not, but it is comics-related...

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    • Possible Naruto reference on the "Books" episode there's a painting of Sakura next to a small Raven

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    • A FANDOM user
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