• Hello DC Database!

    I’m here to check in with some questions and notes about the Discussions feature, and of course I’m happy to answer any questions that you might have.

    Have no idea what I am talking about? Please see
    Discussions are a feature that's primarily found in the DC Community App, but there's a web version as well, as you can see.

    My first general question is — how are things going? Have any of you used Discussions in the app? I would love to hear some general feedback and impressions. Both about the feature and about the app users that it’s made it possible to observe and connect with. These are also members of your community, though not very visible to most of you yet.

    For any of you who have been participating in Discussions, are you finding them to be enjoyable and engaging? Are there differences from the types of conversations that happen in the on-wiki forum?

    For those of you who have been moderating discussions, how has that been going? We’re on the cusp of releasing some tools to make moderation much easier, since right now moderators and admins can only delete and undelete single posts. But I would like to know if there are any common issues you're seeing.

    Now, on to what’s coming up!
    Moderation tools are high on our list, and so very shortly, we’ll be releasing “View all posts and replies” for a user (available to everyone) and “Delete all posts and replies” for a user (available to mods and admins). This will be in the web interface only right now, not coming to the apps until later in February, but web is where most of the moderation is happening right now. “View all posts and replies” is also a top request from the app users, of course.

    Other moderation tools coming soon are locking posts to new replies (aka closing threads) and setting up a way for regular users to “report” content for review by mods and admins. That last one is pretty exciting, since it will be the first feature that expands beyond what we have now in the forum.

    We’re also finishing up the early conceptual and design work on thread categorization (i.e. subsections, the equivalent of boards in the current forums). That will help users find existing threads more easily. There’s lots more coming up, too.

    It's possible that more web users will be finding these Discussions soon, so moderation will become more important. Wikia staff has also been keeping an eye on things, but ideally users from the wiki community and this new app community can begin to connect more and come together as one. If any good moderator candidates emerge from the app user group, I can help you guys connect with them. Right now it can be challenging to contact them directly. The app users don’t always confirm their email addresses, and so won’t get notified about Message Wall posts.

    Let me know if anyone has questions! Thanks.

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    • Well, I'm the only admin that regularly comes there, and I can think of only one user who trickled down to the wiki. Though there are some good, knowledgable people on there, the majority is "who would win", "who is the awesomest" and "I'll ask here instead of looking it up on the wiki". I plug wiki pages as often as I can though, especially Recommended Reading.

      I like the new features, but I'm still missing block and pm options (other than via the wiki).

      At the time of the launch, I had an android phone, but I have since switched to an iPhone and use the app on it. On my iPad, I use the browserview on Safari, and on my PC browserview on Chrome. On my iPhone, I can't delete posts (there's three dots instead of a trashbin). On my iPad, I can delete them, but not reply (the keyboard doesn't appear on the screen). Everything works fine on PC.

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    • For now, blocks will need to be done via Special:Block on the wiki, and we don't have anything in Discussions yet for private or direct user-to-user messaging.

      The "Vs" threads are something we're seeing in some of the other discussion communities as well, especially ones about franchises. What's your feeling on those in general? I see you have a dedicated board for those on this forum, but it's not that active. But it makes sense that the more "casual" and short form posts from the app lend themselves to that.

      On the iPhone, when tapping the three dots icon, you should get two buttons that appear at the bottom of your screen, "Delete" and "Cancel". For deleted posts, the three dots icon will bring up the "Undelete" option instead. And you should certainly be able to call up the keyboard on your iPad. I'll shoot you an email with a few more questions, and we'll look into this more. Anyone else having similar issues (or seeing any type of bug), please mention it here or send in details via Special:Contact.

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    • I have no problem with hero battles in general, though I tend to delete the threads that include non-DC characters.

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    • A few updates!

      This week we released:

      • "View all posts by a user" which is available by clicking the "three dots" icon in the upper right corner of a post or reply
      • "Delete all posts by a user" which is available for Discussions Moderators and Admins on the "View all posts by user" page. (Please note that bulk undeletion is not possible)

      These tools should help with moderation and with getting a sense of an individual user's history. These tools are currently only available in the web version of Discussions, and will be added to the app at the end of February.

      In the latest update to the app (out this week):

      • Users will see some basic guidelines for participating in Discussions, the first time they enter Discussions after doing the update. You can view those guidelines here. In the future these will be customizable on a per-community basis, and will also be accessible in the web version.
      • On iOS only -- Discussions Moderators and Admins can choose to remove the hidden (deleted) posts and replies from view. This is enabled by default, and can be changed in the app settings area called "Moderation Panel".

      We will keep you updated as more changes happen! Please keep the feedback coming!

      We do expect increased app usage, heading toward the Dawn of Justice release, and likely lots of Discussions activity afterward.

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    • Tupka217 wrote: I like the new features, but I'm still missing block and pm options (other than via the wiki).

      Tupka, a follow-up question on this. By "pm options" are you just looking for user-to-user messaging to make communication easier (i.e. something like Message Wall)? Or did you want true private messaging? If that's the case I would like to know more.

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    • Not necessarily private. As long as they get a notification and can read it without being redirected to the site.

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    • A FANDOM user
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