• Hey there DC Database,

    I wanted to check in about the Discussions feature with a few updates. The feature still in its early stages and it's been great to see the app users engaging there in different ways. A big shout-out to Tupka for taking the reins on moderation (and of course being an outstanding participant as well).

    As of Thursday last week, there's now an option for users to "report" a specific post or reply to be reviewed by admins/moderators. You can see this in the web version of Discussions right now, and the app users will get this in the version 2.1 update that was just released for Android and will be out for iOS any day now.

    We're very excited about this and hope that the ability to "outsource" moderation a little bit will make the jobs of the admins/mods easier. More details can be found on the help page that was also just published last week.

    With the 2.1 update, app users will also get the option to view all posts by a user in one handy list, which has been an option on the web version for a little while now. This is great for many reasons, but it may also cut down on repeat posts since the users there will be more able to follow up on (and even discover) older conversations.

    Also for moderation, tomorrow we'll release (for web) the option to lock conversations and to stop users from posting further replies (i.e. to close a Discussion thread).

    Other things that are an upcoming focus for us are more customizable (and visible) guidelines for participants, and more structure to the whole feature, allowing for filtered views.

    Some of you may also see that we're testing out modules on the article pages that link to Discussions. This is only a test, so don't be concerned that a particular placement you see is the "final" version. The module also pulls from the 'Trending' view and so will be the same across all pages, but the real version of it will be informed by relationships between specific articles and discussions that you'll be able to establish as we do more development.

    Keep the questions and feedback coming!

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    • Nice, locks and rules were on top of my list.

      As for moderation: I've had a lot of people express fear of being spoiled for BvS before it comes out (early screenings and stuff), and even days after. It's be nice if other admins keep an eye out, as I can't stay up 24/7.

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    • You've touched on two things I meant to mention in my post:

      1. More moderators! There are 23 other users with access to those tools in this community. Tupka should not have to go it alone! If you're a non-admin reading this and think you might want to become a Discussions Moderator, speak up and the leadership here can consider your request.

      2. The movie! You can probably expect more activity Discussions because of it. Spoiler deletion/control is a big concern, but also the number of new visitors may make more oversight necessary (see #1).

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    • BertH wrote: There are 23 other users with access to those tools in this community.

      Yeah... about that... there's only 7 active admins atm, the rest are long gone. Tupka is a human locomotive! It's like he's half cyborg or something, and I can't imagine any of the six of us keeping up with all the stuff going on as he does. At least I can't.

      Now that Discussions are available on desktop/web, it certainly is easier to patrol the threads and posts, and I might give it a shot, but I make no promises.

      In other words, we do need help and it would be better if it comes from the app users.

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    • Just some notes: if it's a nonsense post that can't possibly bring useful discussion, delete it.

      Vs battles might vex some, but I usually keep them alive - as long as they're DC v DC. As soon as one isn't DC, I axe them.

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    • In other words, we do need help and it would be better if it comes from the app users.

      Tupka, have you noticed any regulars in the app who might be good candidates? I can help reach out to them.

      Another option might be an "open call for moderators" post, which I am also happy to help with (or help vet applicants or whatever you need).

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    • There've been a couple of good and knowledgeable users, but I'm not quite sure how much use they are as mods. There's very little community management going on.

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    • A FANDOM user
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