• Hi, Byfield.

    What's up with the Universe field not accepting the DCAU on pages such as Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (Movie)? There is a "Error: String exceeds 1,000 character limit" at the bottom of the page which I assume has to do with it.

    Sorry, if you're already aware of it and it's "inoperable".

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    • IIUC, there is a fundamental glitch in the Movie template that results in the bold red letter at the bottom of the page. I'm not sure if it can or cannot be fixed, though Hatebunny would know better.

      "Universe" seems to be a different problem. All the various universes seem to just create a redlinked "Universe" in the infobox, though the category is added.

      And I've got no clue why December 12, 2000 is generating [[Category: {{{<span 12, 2000 (Publication)|Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (Movie)]]. Other days, months, and/or years don't seem to trigger that one.

      The last two should definetly be passed by Hatebunny though.

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    • Several templates were heavily altered during the switch to mobile done by wikia staff, resulting in multiple errors in almost all the templates. It's been discussed by the other admins, but sadly, there is no way to fix all the coding errors since the switch was done using Lua and there's nobody in the wiki who knows how to work with that.

      That said, the string error in bold letters was there prior to the switch.

      There were minor issues which were fixed, but some of the major ones (if they can be fixed) still need someone who knows Lua to fix them. So... we're pretty much screwed... for now.

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    • I fixed the universe thing. That was a simple error in the template by the Wikia staff member who created the Lua templates.

      The date thing... I don't understand. I feel like it's the same issue as the floating div and the 1000 character limit excess - which is that there's something wrong with the template html formatting, and I still don't know what.

      What puzzles me most about it is that any other day in December causes a MATH error, whereas the 12th causes a bad output.

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