• Is there a standard on this wiki for how to enter story titles for multi-part stories?

    For example, if the title of a story in the actual comic book is "Titans Clash, Part Two", do we enter it as:

    Titans Clash, Part Two
    Titans Clash: Part Two
    Titans Clash (Part Two)
    Or something else?

    I'm asking because I've seen it several ways, but I think I remember someone saying we have a standard...

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    • Also, what about titles and subtitles, like "Titans Clash, Part Two: The Clash Continues"?

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    • And do we always enter numbers the same way? For example, if once comic has a story called "Hot Blood, Part Two", and another has "Dead Skin, Part 2" and another has "Fleet Feet, Part II", do we enter them all as Part Two, or Part 2, or Part II, or just use what was in the comic?

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    • Short version: whatever the comic has.

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