• Hello,

    I'd like to inform you that in wake of the new "Titans" series being announced for 2018, I've went ahead and created a wiki for this series. I just have one issue.

    The url "" is used as a redirect for this wiki. Can you assist in deleting it as a redirect so I can use it for Titans Wiki? Considering that the titans are just a small part of the overarching DC universe, I think the url is more fitting at Titans wiki rather than sitting as a redirect that nobody uses for this wiki.

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    • Hello UltimateTitan6,

      I might be persuaded to speak to Wikia on your behalf. Before I do, I'm curious to know why don't you just add the content you were planning here, instead? Why go through the trouble of creating all the templates and navigation structure and then try to improve the SEO so you show up on Google. We've done all that already. Isn't it more fun to just begin writing the actual content?

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    • Well, I agree that at the moment it would be more fun and convenient to add it here. However, I've noticed that DC Database has been very keen on keeping up with details and emphasis on the comics, but not so much on the television shows, particularly with character articles. Most have little to no info aside from their powers/skills and what's in the infobox. And I suppose that's somewhat understandable considering how large the DC universe is and how many incarnations of many characters there are. But I kind of wanted to take the content where it is the primary focus so more in-depth information about the character can be displayed and general info on the series will expand, similarly to how it does on the Arrowverse wiki. I feel like I'd be the only one contributing more in-depth info for the characters and show's status is I only did it here.

      Also, I thought since the animated Teen Titans series had one, it would be nice if live-action one would have one as well. I know it would take a lot of time and effort before it is noticeable, but I feel like it will be very active once the show begins.

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    • I'm not sure I understand your logic. Assuming you'd be the only one adding content about TV shows here (although that's not the case), you'd still be the only one adding content about TV shows there, too. The difference being you'd have to also do the hundreds of hours of work to get a new wiki off the ground.

      Unless you have a solid plan for making the new wiki a success, I don't think I can support your request. I'm sorry.

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    • Alright then. But I feel I should ask, assuming Titans wiki does become successful, would you be inclined to reconsider?

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    • I know i'm incredibly late to this but there is less interference on adding pages on so called minor characters like what happened while trying to fix the Arrow pages...

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