• Unhappily, your citation about demons' vulnerability to iron is invalid... Animated versions of characters aren't "mainstream", only comic book versions (exception: Elseworld stories). Please understand that there can often be glaring differences between the animated and comic book versions of a character. For example, Lobo, who in the comic books gets multiple bullet holes (but not die) is completely invulnerable to bullets in Young Justice animated series. Kowalewski (talk) 10:08, August 24, 2017 (UTC)

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    • The Demons page is a generic page for all demons within the limits of DC, that's why the characters listed direct you to the disambig pages. It's all encompassing.

      You wanted a citation. You got one. You can't pick and choose just because it's not what you wanted.

      I can list glaring inconsistencies with New Earth Lobo alone without going into other media, we just have to record the information, not manipulate it to what we think it should be.

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    • Excuse me, Etrigan, how old are you? I collect DC Comics for 20 years and have never seen demons vulnerable to iron in the comics - only fairies. Please, avoid using citations related to animated series and movies (except when referring to them). The mainstream are the comics related to New Earth and Prime Earth. But I don't see any problem with include vulnerability to iron in the article about the animated version of Etrigan :). Kowalewski (talk) 22:56, August 24, 2017 (UTC)

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    • P.S.: Besides, I have a simple logical reasoning about why Etrigan is not vulnerable to iron. Etrigan was summoned by Merlin in the Middle Ages in order to stop an invasion of Camelot. Why would Merlin evoke a creature that was vulnerable to the swords and armor of its enemies when he could have evoked any other creature? Kowalewski (talk) 23:04, August 24, 2017 (UTC)

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      1. Asking for users' personal information, like age, is against Wikia's Terms of Use. Don't do it again.
      2. Telling other users how to edit and what information to include is an admin duty. Since you're not one, please stop doing so.
      3. The Demons page covers the entire spectrum of Demons in the DC Universe. Although the source provided may only apply to some versions of the characters, it's still a valid source.

      Ideally, there should be a new header section called "Other versions" in which all the information regarding demons outside of comics is included. (See Batcomputer#Other versions)

      Since there is no such section, a sentence can be included to specify the unique parameters of the weakness in the Notes section.

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    • 1. Sorry, I didn't knew about this rule. I was just showing that I'm not a comic book starter. 2. Ok, I stop. But I think that discussion about who is or not an administrator is a bit pointless. I recognize that the dude has a better position than me in this wikia, but I still think we can solve the issue in tranquility. 3. Demons in general. Not a single version of a single demon character. As your suggestion, he could include the vulnerability to iron in a separate header, stating that this vulnerability belongs only to the demons of that particular animated series. I particularly do not remember any DC demons who are vulnerable to iron in any other animated series. Kowalewski (talk) 00:45, August 25, 2017 (UTC)

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    • My age is irrelevant. I'm older than SforHope and Tupka, but that doesn't mean I overrule them in any way. The length of time you've been reading comics is also only relative. You could have read comics all your life and not read the one issue that has pertinent information.

      Why are you bringing up Etrigan specifically? The citation in question actually has Asteroth defeated by iron, though it is assumed that Etrigan would also be affected since he disclosed that iron was a vulnerability to demons. As for your logical explanation, comics are not always logical. On top of that, swords are steel, an iron alloy. Perhaps only raw or pure iron affect demons? We don't know.

      You've also been asked multiple times by admin not to use the noinclude text on articles.

      That Demons page was empty for a very long time. I filled it out as generically as I could while starting a comprehensive compilation of Demons throughout the DC mediums. As SfH stated, it's ideal to separate different continuities like I have with the Philosopher's Stone, but it's hardly worth it in this instance for one individual case which is cited. Common sense from reading the citation is sufficient to know that it is from the animated series.

      You're well read in comics, so you know that even within mainstream continuity things don't always line up. Your additions to Hell, for example, some of which weren't cited, only apply to Hellblazer and not all depictions of Hell. Hell isnt even consistent within New Earth, as Reign in Hell showed a completely different, technologically advanced Hell where souls are used as building material.

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    • Sorry, but I used non-Vertigo comic citations in Hell article. See the first paragraph of Hell#Geography. Ok, I will stop with noinclude. I only think that it is easier to refute a popular misconception if it is already contained in the article along with the refutation between noinclude. The publisher who has the misconception in mind would edit the article, see the refutation and leave the article unharmed. Otherwise, the existence of a wikification called noinclude serves no purpose at all.

      But all this discussion is pointless...

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    • Yes, I misread the Hellblazer citation, but my point still stands that the Hell location page, which is s generic location page, has mixed continuity citations. And while a lot of Vertigo and New Earth continuity is in sync, a lot isn't, even within New Earth alone, but we don't start disregarding certain information just because we don't like it.

      I still have to acknowledge Blood of the Demon despite all it's errors and butchered characterisations.

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