• I remember reading about a group of "grey men" who had the ability to 'drain' heroes. But their actions actually brought back what for all intents and purposes was the Golden Age Superman c 1938-39 (his emblem was hidden from view when he did appeared). After it was show that his morality didn't work in the modern age he faded away. The "grey men" were built up as major villains but they way they were handled they might as well been called the Forgettable Men.

    Does anyone else remember these guys and the issue involving the "Golden Age Superman" they created?

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    • I think you're talking about the Hollow Men.

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    • Yep, that is who I was thinking of.

      On a side note there was a similar gimmick of fictional works coming to live in a Silver Age Flash book. In it a group of aliens bring a person's drawing of a comicbook villain to life. AIR it covered two issues

      The first issue cover had the artist proclaiming his character has come to life. The second issue had the Flash getting beaten and the artist proclaiming that he would draw a hero to help the Flash (I didn't read that one so I have no idea what it was).

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