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    • Why were my changes reverted? None of it was inaccurate. What the fuck?

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    • Language.

      It was reverted for a variety of reasons, mostly the images but others as well.

      I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to revert (most of) this one as well. Character bios have to be concise, not summaries of entire issues. If you look at the length of the other storylines summarized, you'll see your section is way too long. It unbalances it all. It's best to summarize a character's role in a storyline in rough lines afterwards, rather than write a play by play.

      Also, if people no longer have certain powers, they don't get removed from the page. They just get mentioned as {{Formerly}}.

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    • Ok I can conced on the length but the current summary doesn't properly explain the events that are being summarized. Mainly the bit about him investigating with Hal. He only investigated after being told to guard the cave. Also there is no mention of his role in helping Bruce open the gateway to the dark universe which is his most significant role in that scene/chain of events. Could i write a draft to run by you to replace it? On the powers, "retrocognition" isn't a former power, the retrocognition is an aspect of his photokinesis. I changed it because it was a misrepresentation of what his powers are. Putting photokinesis and retrocognition is somewhat redundent and kinda inaccurate. Also i would like to update the picture from the current one to one with his new suit from the upcoming Batman & the Signal series. What would be the proper way to do that? I used the variant cover art from the upcoming title before but you took that down.

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    • I've reread some of the stuff and what you're describing is not Photokinesis. Even though it is light-based, it's still Retrocognition.

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    • A quote from Scott Snyder, the creator of Duke Thomas, when asked about how Duke's powers relate to his role as a superhero; "We knew he was a character that had a long deep mythology that we had built around his mother and some of the books coming out like Immortal Men, where he would have photo-kinetic powers where he would take light in through his eyes and be able to see things that other people wouldn’t"

      Retrocognition would imply he is simply looking into the past, which he is not. His powers are an application of his manipulation of light thus photokinesis. While thus far his only application of that power has been retrocogition, it is still possible for his skill set to expand beyond that down the line. Putting that aside, the creator themself said his powers are photokinetic. If anything, his retrocognition should be listed as a subset of his photokinetic powers similar to how aerokinesis is a subset of Barry's speedforce powers when though they aren't straight up airbending.

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    • Also you didn't answer my question about the photo. The picture i posted before was legit. the artist, Declan Shalvey, is credited on DC's website for that exact variant cover for Batman and The Signal. It's a clearer photo of the character and it's his most recent look. I don't see why it was taken down.

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    • Also also, i don't see why this iteration of Duke is credited as Lark. If i recall correctly, he was never called Lark outside of a vision (i believe) of a possible future version of him. This character himself was never given the name Lark. It shouldn't be in his aliases

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    • I don't know about Lark, haven't read that part.

      The images required a proper name as well as a template.

      Photokinesis, technically, is shooting light like pyrokinesis s shooting fire. If his retrocognition is a result of photokinesis, the former should be listed as a sub-power, with both a separate explanation.

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    • Sounds more like Enhanced Vision sub Retrocognition to me.

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    • Photokinesis doesn't mean "shooting light that's projection or emission. Photokinesis is by definition the manipulation of light. By your definition that would mean telekinesis is the ability to shoot minds.

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    • No, I mean it's what it's used for by writers, generally. This is a nonstandard use of photokinesis. But it definitely is, though.

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    • I see you meant and thank you for fixing it.

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    • I reuploaded the image with the template, did i miss anything?

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    • Yeah, that's it's not out for another two months. We generally hold off on uploading sollicited art ahead of publication.

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    • Oh, ok

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    • A FANDOM user
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