• Sorry, I'm not a native English speaker: What did you mean by "miss IDed publicity shot" in the edit comment? I replaced the image because the face in the former image was blurred due to the light reflections, aren't there better "caps from the show"?

    In the meantime, I found the other image here (No. 26). It is not a cap from the show, either, but a behind-the-scene image. Would you think another image on that page might better fit? Maybe No. 16?

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    • With TV show images we use, they generally fall into one of two categories. Either they are a screen capture from the show itself, or they are a publicity still. When filling out the DC Database:Image Template, the former are "License = TV Screenshot", the latter "License = Promotional". Also, the latter uses "Source" rather than "Episode".

      As for the page you point to, it specifies that the images are "Promo and Behind-the-scenes". A few of them may be from footage that wound up in the pilot. But, some, like frames 16 and 26, are clearly raw set image or taken to include cameras and the like.

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    • Thanks for the explanation. I did not take that into account when I copied the image templates. I checked my latest uploads in this regard. It was just the Hartley/Aquaman images that required correction. I saw at Hartley's green arrow image that bot "Source" and "Episode" may be used if the promotional is for a specific episode, which I also used in the present case. Is that ok?

      My question regarding the images was whether File:Justin Hartley Mug 2.jpg really is a screenshot because it appears to be just a cropped version of behind-the-scenes frame 26 at And if not, whether a cropped version of another behind-the-scene frame, e.g. No. 16, would perhaps be better suited since the face is not as blurred by reflections as in No. 26.

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    • By the way, another questions regarding Justin Hartley images: It took me some time to get the difference between the pages Justin Hartley and Actors:Justin Hartley. As far as I understand from the categories and the Work list, Justin Hartley is meant to be a staff page for Justin Hartley as a writer and director. Wouldn't it then be more convenient to have in the infobox an image lieke this one showing Justin Hartley as a director the the one of Green Arrow?

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    • With regard to File:Justin Hartley Mug 2.jpg, when I pulled the image, it was from a Google search. The result did not have a link-back that identified it as a raw, pre-post-production image. That said, I don't fin the ripple lighting effect is a problem. It is more evocative of Aquaman than a dry head just above the water line.

      As for Justin Hartley, I agree. The image you found is more sonsistant with the tone the Staff page should have.

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    • So we leave the image in the gallery, and I exchanged the one on the staff page. I hope, the Image template is ok. Thanks for your guidance.

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