• Hello! Clearly the edit I made to Violet Paige was wrong somehow, but I don't understand why. Is it just a matter of sources? If so, why was the trivia entry also deleted?

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    • Hey, I appreciate you following up, I should've said something in the edit summary,

      It's not that your edit was wrong or factually incorrect in any way, it's more about conciseness and housekeeping. Items like unnamed gear and weapons tend not to get mentioned in the equipment and weapons section. Usually, that spot goes to stuff like Riddler's Staff or Penguin's Umbrella or, in a sense, big stuff. (This isn't always the case, sometimes unnamed items can get a mention if they're, say, vital to the character but not important enough for a page. Gray area stuff, you'll-know-it-when-you-see-it stuff, y'know?)

      Also, the trivia about her interaction with Kate Kane seemed negligible. From what I've read, and I've been following the series, their interactions haven't really accumulated to anything "trivia worthy", again that section's usually reserved for slightly bigger things in terms of who, what, where, why the character is so it doesn't get bloated with tiny little details.

      So, just to restate, there wasn't anything wrong or bad about your edit, it was just a little too small to deserve mentions like that. Does that make sense?

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    • I guess that makes sense, even if it seems a tiny bit arbitrary. But if those are the rules, okay.

      Thank you for the info!

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