• It's a new year, and with a new year comes new goals. I'm setting out to create the DCF, or DC Fanverse. I'm looking for creative members of the DC community to help write short stories crafting a series of shorts about their character. You could end up with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, or lesser known heroes like Blue Beetle or The Question. If you want to be part of something new and unique, post down below and I'll welcome you into my brand new universe!

    Special thanks to ProvingMyClaims83 for creating the original, Marvel Fandom counterpart of my Fanverse.

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    • I don't think this wiki is a good place for creating fanfic.

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    • There is already which has far more support for stories then this site could provide. Of course the quality has a huge range but IMHO Inviolate ( gives an example of the high quality stories that can be done there.

      Chapter 15 is particularly interesting as it has a redemption seeking Luthor getting so close to figuring out the Batman-Bruce Wayne connection but also not quite putting the pieces together.

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