• I'm working on Reiser' history and I've almost finished it up to his involvement with the Titans. I'm not sure how to write the summary of the events that take place in the second story of Convergence: Superman Vol 1 2.

    Anyway, I was wondering whether or not it would be frowned upon if I was to just copy paste the summary in the Convergence issue. From what I can see, it is accurate (I compared it directly to the issue).

    I was going to ask Hatebunny (he was the one that wrote the synopsis), but he hasn't been active for a while.

    Your thoughts on the matter?

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    • Copy and pasting is usually tricky subject matter, so I usually suggest against it.

      I'm not sure how long the history section you're writing is, but it doesn't really need a single comic synopsis in it anyway. That whole story in Convergence: Superman can be boiled down to two sentences at most for a history section:

      "One of Reiser's early acts of heroism was attempting to stop a robbery but, due to his monstrous form, he was incorrectly assumed to be a villain by his superhero roommate the Alpha Centurion, who he had yet to tell his secret." Or something.

      It doesn't need the play by play of bullets flying, him running away, blah blah blah.

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    • Ok. That makes sense. I understand how copying and pasting can be difficult. That's why I wanted to ask if it would be acceptable.

      Speaking of which, am I able to copy what you said? It pretty much sums up what I am trying to say.

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    • Yeah, no problem at all! You have my permission. And thanks for asking!

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