• Hey guys, I have a friend who colored three JLA comics back in 1998 with Pat Garrahy, but he can't remember which ones. Does anyone know any JLA comics from 1998 with a colorist named Josh Read? If you do, he'd be really excited if you could find them!

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    • If he did the issues, he did so uncredited. None of the major indexing sites have anything on a Josh or Joshua Read. Did he do colors or color separations? Was he employed by a studio?

      There's a Josh Reed, but that's a letterer, and his work is more recent.

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    • He says he was working with/for Pat Garrahy and that he found comics that he had colored in a bookstore a long time ago with his name in them.

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    • I posted this on your post on the Discussions.

      Pat Garrahy was the colorist for JLA all of 1998. The only other person/organization to do the colors alongside him was Heroic Age, a company of independent artists, film creators, graphic designers, etc. Did your friend work for them? They did three issues like you said during '98.

      From what I can see, they did #22, #1,000,000 (23), and #24. It's possible that's how your friend was involved.

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