• Can the entries for batman beyond 2.0 and other digital related comics have separate pages than the collected printed version. For the beyond comics they are compliantly grouped together in the printed version, meaning 'Batman Beyond Universe' is a collection of three digital comics from three different digital series.

    I think it would be more transparent and accessible if each digital series was split up into its own wikia page instead of grouping them based on the printed copies. However both can be done.

    The digital release should be marked "Digital" in the title like so:

    • Batman Beyond Vol 1 (Digital)
    • Justice League Beyond Vol 1 (Digital)
    • Superman Beyond Vol 1 (Digital)
    • Batman Beyond 2.0 Vol 1 (Digital)
    • Justice League 2.0 Vol 1 (Digital)

    This is all we've got in digital at the moment: Can theses pages be created so digital comic readers can fill in the details?

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    • See also this. To elaborate what I mentioned there, we should have them. But noone has the time or knowledge for them. You're free to make them yourself; this is a wiki and anyone can edit.

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    • Starting the pages is most complicated. Filling in the info isn't hard when the pages are created.

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    • Okay, wait 5-10 minutes, I'm going to try something.

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    • Well that was sorta a success, but sorta not.

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    • Rename the page so that (Digital) is before Vol cause this is causing problems with individual issues

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    • Yeah, you (and therefore, I/my bot) had used the wrong comic template.

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