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    00:08, April 5, 2018

    Is anyone else sick of the current background image for the wiki or is it just me?

    The current image is already 3 years old and last time I asked (about a year ago), few admins seem to agreed that a change was required. However, nobody did nothing mostly because we don't have the abilities, or time, or will to come up with something new and the admin who used to do that has pretty much moved on.

    The look of the wiki encourages more editing and reading, reason why I believe keeping the same background for too long can lead to boredom and a general feeling of uninterest. At least, that's how I feel about it now.

    Since change seems unlikely at the moment, I'd suggest throwing it up to the community. Maybe start a contest of sorts so that users can submit their ideas for a background image. It doesn't have to be too elaborate; but just something different at this point. I'd love to hear thoughts on the matter.

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    • I have no problems with a new one.

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    • I suggest an image of Etrigan and Lobo standing on a mountain of slaughtered heroes.

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    • If you can come up with the actual image, I'd be more than glad to consider it.

      Jokes aside, the level of enthusiasm of this community is just dandy. I'm tempted to highlight this, but all things considered... why should I bother...

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    • I would love a new one. I would also love the talent to make one.

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    • We're on the same page then. I think the most reasonable thing to do is ask for outside help. I'll come up with a new post later on, as I mentioned originally.

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