• Have you all noticed the background image of the wiki? I haven't in a long time and that's why I'm asking:

    What do you think of the current Background Image?

    The poll was created at 23:45 on April 4, 2018, and so far 159 people voted.

    Help Us Change It!

    If you think we need to change the image, then this your chance to help us make that change! In this thread you can post your ideas for a background image and maybe, if it's good enough, your design will be chosen to be the new background!

    These are the terms and conditions in which the images must be uploaded:

    • The size of the image must be at least "1,620 × 789 pixels" and maximum "1,900 × 1,200 pixels"
    • Preferably, make it a similar blue color as the current one. (Optional)
    • Use comic book references for logos, images, characters or anything you want to include
    • Images that feature only a couple of characters will not be considered.

    The "contest" ends on April 13, 2018 (Friday the 13th)

    I think that's about it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

    (Admins, feel free to edit and include other conditions you consider important)

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    • use a new Background

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    • Use internet explorer

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    • SforHope
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      21:31, April 5, 2018
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    • For clarification: the current background image is not a random background from the internet. It was designed by one of our admins, who is currently inactive in the site. This means that a new background as suggested, needs to be designed, crafted, created. If the answer was as simple as downloading an image from the internet, don't you think we'd have done that by now?

      Also, dumb replies will be deleted.

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    • Geez, sorry. It was just a joke. I'm fine with the current one.

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    • Humor and comedy are subjective and in this case, they're not helpful. Thanks for the input, anyway.

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    • Isn't a stylized but simple background better than one that changes every time a shift in multiversal status, movie or new TV series comes along?

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    • Nobody here suggested that.

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    • Sorry; I'd seen such on other wikis

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    • Yeah, we're not looking to have the background constantly changing to fit what's trending at the time. Most of us just want a different look after years of the same thing. For all we know, a new background might remain years as well, if it's good enough.

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    • Why not do a general DC Superhero collage? That is something that can be used to promote the current popularity and it can last for how ever many years you would like it to last.

      Another suggestion, would be do a history of Superman type collage in order to represent the release of the 1000th issue of Action Comics. I know this would be something that would be considered current but it is an idea.

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    • Sounds like a great idea. Now, if only there was someone who could make that happen...

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    • As long as it's nothing with Alex Ross' art, I'm game.

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    • The polls rhyme

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    • Is that a crime?

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    • As long as it's anything with Alex Ross' art, I'm game.

      But in all seriousness, I'm not sure about the Superman idea. I think something a little more time-neutral would work better. It wouldn't take long for a Super-centric one to feel out-of-place. The Justice League, or any assorted blend of characters, perhaps done in a creative way, would be best, in my mind.

      That being said, do I look like I'm doing anything about it?

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    • Maybe you could make a montage of those little logos that have been used on the DC Universe corner boxes? The Superman S shield, the JL and JLA shields, the Suicide Squad target, the Bat symbol, the Flash thunderbolt, the Green Arrow arrowhead, the Green Lantern emblem, the Titans T, Wonder Woman's WW, and Aquaman's A badge.

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    • That... that sounds... that is.....

      I give up.

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    • A FANDOM user
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