• There is something I don't understand about how this wikia use different earthes in characters version...

    At first I asked why it doesn't diferentiate Earth-One/Earth-Two from New Earth (pre crisis/post crisis), and you told me it was because both Earth "became" New Earth... so we say for example that Allan Scott from Earth Two is the same Allan Scott from New Earth "transformed" by the crisis...

    Ok, I buy that... But then why do we separate New Earth from Prime Earth if it is the same case? New Earth BECAME Prime Earth because of Flashpoint / Manhattan... So they should be treated as the same...

    Of course we can say, "but in divergence there were characters from New Earth", yes, and also from Earth Two and One!

    I really don't understand why we say Earth One/Earth Two (and not in ALL CASES) are the same characters as New Earth, but we say that Prime Earth characters are not New Earth characters...

    I am not talking about if they are or not the same character, but to use the same criteria in both escenarios...

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    • "why do we separate New Earth from Prime Earth if it is the same case?"

      It's not the same case. The point of the Flashpoint/Manhattan reboots was to deliberately differentiate between recent versions of the same characters. The differentiation process has resulted in a ton of characters that are distinct enough to now require separate wikipedia entries. So that's what we've got now.

      What we had back before this: The point of the COIE/Zero Hour reboots was to streamline and simplify and standardize DC's stable of characters. The simplification process, back in the day, resulted in a ton of old characters whose backstories were deliberately blurred together.

      So present case is different from the former case. Stoop Davy Dave (talk) 00:05, April 20, 2018 (UTC)

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    • You are saying that there are more differences between pre flashpoint and post flashpoint characters than pre crisis character and post crisis characters? O_O

      Both cases were intended to simplify characters backstories so that new readers didn't have tons of stories to understand a character... And in both cases some characters were almost unaffected and some characters were completely rebooted... (iroically usually the same characters XD)

      I am not saying all cases justify a complete different articles, but I think different entries should be used in different comics, and in any case redirected to the same article if the content is very similar...

      Zero Hour is different, as it was more a collection of retcons more than a reboot... so I undertand the difference... but the original crisis is perhaps the most significant reboot in DC history...

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    • I'm saying that the differences between the pre flashpoint and post flashpoint characters ran in one direction, by becoming more numerous, unlike the differences between the pre crisis and post crisis characters, which became less numerous. It's a comparison between differences, not degrees of difference, and not the raw number of the differences, but of the directions in which the changes run. One bunch of differences ran from (More Complex) to (Less Complex), the more recent bunch of differences have done the opposite. As you point out, the COIE was by far the most significant reboot. I don't think anybody's arguing against that point.

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    • But the post flashpoint canon is much simplier than the pre flashpoint one... that was the idea behind the reboot... That Rebirth is now making it more complex than never before is another issue¬†:P

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    • Post-Flashpoint canon is only seven years old. By the time it's been around as long as New Earth was around, it will be as complex as any of the rest of them. And the way I see it, (Rebirth now making it more complex than before) is the same issue, not another one, because that makes for two co-existing unreconcilable canonical timelines.

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