• I've noticed you have created a couple of pages for minor characters. While this is not something wrong, a rule of thumb is to avoid creating pages for characters with only 1 appearance.

    For example, pages like Sandy Cole (Earth-One) and Craig Rockland (Earth-One) are fine, as they have more than one appearance. But pages like Deena Winslow (Earth-One) and Heloise Madigan (Earth-One) are more or less pointless, as all the information about them can be included in the synopsis of the single comic in which they appear.

    So, please consider this the next time you want to create pages for insignificant characters.

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    • Hey, same thing goes for characters with only one name. There are hundreds of "Hudsons" in multiple stories across the DC Universe. What makes Hudson (New Earth) so special to get him a page over the others?

      Please, don't create pages for minor characters with only one name.

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