• In one episode of Looney Tunes , pardon me for not being able to mention the name of the episode , the actual Zod and Faora appear , alongside some Kryptonian Robot D-Bag .

    I've visited the Faora Disambiguation page , not to look for that article specfically , but I realized that there was no article for that incarnation of Faora .

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    • Which episode of which series of LT? We’vet pages for Brady Kids and Duck Dodgers, so hypothetically we could have pages on this. On the other hand, we don’t have a page on Batman’s Tiny Toons appearance.

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    • Don’t post links to pirate sites.

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    • In that case , the name of the series is "The Looney Tunes Show" , The Episode Code is S02E26 .

      There , Now is this version of Fayora and the Kryptonian Robot on the Wiki ?

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    • " S02E26" is not an episode code, it's just a description pirates use. Season 2, episode 26. It's called Super Rabbit, and also has versions of Brainiac and Luthor.

      I'm not sure if we should cover it; though in fairness, I'm not sure if we should cover the other two episodes I mentioned.

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    • Marvin the Martian is Brainiac , Elmer Fudd is Lex Luthor and Daffy is Zod , They may or may not be in this wiki , But the real Kryptonian Robot and the Real Faora are in that episode , so it's worth your consideration .

      At the end of the day , I'm the one suggesting , and it's men like you who do all the hard work , so the choice is yours .

      My personal opinion , have all of them in this wiki and bring in a more humorous side to this wiki .

      DC Comics and Looney Tunes is owned by Warner Bros , so not too much of a conflict of interest .

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