• I'm sure this has been asked a million times, but I'm trying to figure out how to upload an image to this site. I tried to search for a guide page, but all I found is this page, which doesn't seem to be helpful.

    Is there a concise "how-to" guide explaining how to upload a scan of a comic panel?

    When I upload an image file, is the associated image page (e.g., File:Mister_Terrific_0006.jpg) automatically generated, or do I have to create that separately?

    When I fill in the various fields on the image page, does the image automatically appear in the right links? For example, the image I linked to says "Source: JSA #42" -- this automatically adds it to the "Images from JSA Vol 1 42" link at the bottom of that comic's page? And it also says "Subjects: Terrence Sloane; Kendra Saunders" -- does that automatically cause this image to show up in the "Gallery" links on those two character's pages?


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    • Special:Upload.

      When you upload an image, it automatically creates a page with what you enter in the upload summary and what license you select from the dropdown. You then need to make sure the template is properly filled out. The categories are created automatically once the values are entered in the template.

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    • Thanks!

      Do I have to manually create the "Gallery" page for characters who don't have them?

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    • Only if there are multiple images that show off different things, like different masked identities. There's no need for a gallery of one image.

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    • Yesterday I uploaded four images, and it appears that you renamed two (thanks!) and deleted two. I'm not totally positive yet, because there's a time-lag on the wiki -- for example, [1] still shows the old names and one of the deleted images.

      Why the deletions?

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    • I deleted them because one was bad quality and the other we had an image of already.

      It's showing alright for me. It could well be a cache issue.

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    • Two of the three you deleted I can understand, but the Gerald Ford close-up is an excellent drawing of Ford, unlike the current (and only) image of Ford in our database, which nobody could possibly recognize. And the scan quality is very good; the original pulp paper quality is the only limitation.

      I'm uploading it again; hopefully you will reconsider it!

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