• Hey everyone
    Still relatively new to the DC Wiki, not wikia in general. Having a blast.

    Question - do we use wiki tables? I haven't seen any yet. Before I build a sample, I was wondering if we use them in DC database.

    Method - Obviously tables can be a pain because they display differently on desktop and on smrt phone. I used to make two versions, and use collapsible tables and tabview so the user's device could have a chance to show a readable table. (And I loved math in hexadecimal to make colour fades). Major Brute Force, yes, and I'm sure there's an easier way. And they are a pain to maintain once posted, I forgot that one.

    Why? 1 - to build a wikitable of Publication Date vs Universe (Pre-C, New E, Prime E) with fields dedicated to naming the multiversal events for the Multiverse page. A multiverse graph.

    2 - to reproduce Kal-El's family tree as it appears in 1981 Krypton Chronicles

    Thanks for some direction on wikitables.


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    • I'm not sure that a table would be the best way to convey this information--it's not really tabular.

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    • For the family tree, you have to use {{Familytree}}. It's far from perfect (and neither is its successor, Chart), but it's all there is in the family tree/flow chart designs.

      For the other thing, how much do you want to add? Per Help:Tables, "tables should be about data only." They don't port to smaller screens too well.

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    • Hey hey

      Not having a flat out ‘no’ is a good starting point.

      {{family tree}}? I had no idea. You’re always very generous with the info. Thanks again! And I impose: Is there a list of the templates/ shortcuts somewhere?

      I always think of DC continuity in chart form, and draw it out when I’m explaining/ defending my craze ideas with my comic buds. It may not serve anybody but me, but i would translate it into wikitext if it would help with understanding. And translate onto a smart phone.

      Vertical axis is linear - date of publication from, say, “Flash of Two Worlds” to now. Three ‘bars’ across the horizontal axis. They narrow and widen depending on which field has data, but indicate: Earth-One, New Earth, Prime Earth. Relevent multiversal events titles are written in the bar at the appropriate publication date. Eg Zero Hour, Infinite Crisis etc.

      Prolly easier to draw a sample and post on my wall for a day. Not like it’s going to be done ‘’today’’ or anything. If there’s a wiki ‘sandbox’ i could do a sample. Still pie-in-the-sky.

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    • You can make your own sandbox: User:Roscoe Coaltrane/Sandbox

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    • The things i don’t know would wallpaper a room. Again. Thankyou.

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    • ...We’re gonna need a bigger boat...

      Nice. I see one for ‘animals’ and I’ve been putting Kryptonian animals under ‘races’. I’ll check back to them again. Awesome.

      And Tupka - {{family tree}} is just like building a table. A few more texts to learn, but easy. Appreciate.

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    • We're here to help. Always something to learn. Thanks for editing!

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    • If i can continue on the old thread - using {{family tree}} I’ve got Kal-El, Kara Zor-El etc Earth-One family tree. It displays perfectly on my desktop or in desktop mode on smartphone - but the tiles and boxes connecting the names do not appear on mobile mode. Tables used to appear in mobile display, but I’ve tried putting {{family tree}} inside a 1x1 wikitable without success.

      Do you have any suggestions on how to make the boxes and lines (“tiles”) visible on mobile?

      If you want to checkout the tree, the sandbox link is in this thread above.

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    • I'm not aware of any portability issues with FT. But as it's a wide output, too wide even for desktop XL, it was bound to happen.

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    • Hmmm. I tried narrowing it into sections first until I found that I could just scroll across it. In theory FT goes out to 80 data points.

      I’ve seen others that work in mobile on wikipedia but they used Chart. I couldn’t get chart to begin to work.

      Maybe I’ll narrow it into 3 sections and see what happens. Thanks

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    • I tried a narrower field (only 10 data points wide) and the mobile preview still shows no boxes or lines. Could there be a bug in the mobile preview?

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    • A FANDOM user
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