• Working on another FANDOM post and I ran into an issue. Grimm told me that you've read Erik Larsen's Aquaman run from the 2000's and I have a quick question. Do you know the exact name of the team Lagoon Boy, Sheeva, and Blubber are members of? I've seen it as both Landlubbers and Landlovers both on here and on other sites and I can't seem to find a definitive answer.


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    • The team is listed under both names at times because comics themselves have used both names. They are essentially interchangeable, for better or worse. I prefer to call them the "Landlovers," but I think "Landlubbers" may have been used more times.

      I am sorry if this answer is not the most ideal, given the article you are trying to write. But that is the best I can give you, I believe.

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    • Ah, I see. Thanks! I'll just use both with a slash in between. I'll make a note of it to my editor, but she should be fine with it. Thanks again!

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    • So after going through the library on DC Universe, I discovered that all of their appearances are available to read. I'll look them over.

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    • Yeah, they do not have many. Although, Lagoon Boy goes on adventures even in issues where he isn't appearing as one of the Landlovers. So, it might be worth reading those issues as well. I know in one YJ special (the No Man's Land one, I believe), Lagoon Boy helps the YJ boys. In that issue, Lagoon Boy is sort of a guest star, but Blubber also appears near the end of the issue and helps defeat some foes alongside YJ. So both Lagoon Boy and Blubber get panel-time there. I don't know if that issue is listed as an appearance of the Landlovers, since it was only two of the three, but I think it is still a fairly important one to the little group's history.

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    • I just finished all of the appearances listed on the wiki that are available and I only saw them referred to as the Landlovers in the title of the issue where they go to New York. I didn't see any other mention of their names besides that and their individual names.

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    • They had a "profile" page in one of the Secret Files or whatever that I think may have used the Landlubbers name. It's possible this "team" does not match what you're searching for in terms of the article you're wanting to write.

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    • It should he fine. The article I'm writing is "5 Aquaman Characters that Deserve Screentime (for the upcoming film), and Lagoon Boy is one of the entries. I'm only mentioning the team in reference to his membership. It should work out okay. Thanks again!

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    • Oooh, I'm curious. I have read all of Aquaman Vol 5 and Vol 6 (about 130 issues), so I am invested in the Aqua-mythos. I read it all for all the young heroes / Titans, but I came to appreciate all of the other elements of Atlantis' history.

      I wonder which five you'll pick. You're obviously able to choose any 5 you would like, but for fun I am going to list the ones I think are very worth noting.

      (1) Vulko (2) Tempest (Garth) (3) Koryak (4) Lagoon Boy (5) Murk

      My honorable mentions are Swatt, Cron One-Eye, Blubber, Letifos, Deep Blue, Noble, Rodunn, and Tusky.

      Deep Blue, Noble, and Rodunn have such distinctive designs that I think it would be easy for someone to make people look like that for the sake of a few cameos.

      I think it would be easy for them to do Garth. They would just need to hire somebody to wear a uniform and then have a panning shot showing him and then having a close-up on his purple eyes. He wouldn't even need any lines. It would take 3-5 seconds of the movie, and it would be worth it to me. Similarly, Cron One-Eye would be easy because it would just be a normal shark with one of his eyes missing. That would similarly take only 3-5 seconds for a cameo. And Tusky? He would likely be so easy to create a cameo for as well.

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    • It's the strangest thing. I used several of your suggestions when I was writing it. I'm using Deep Blue, Neptune Perkins, Tula, Koryak, and Lagoon Boy (the reason for the Landlovers situation).

      While researching the semantics of the team's name, I read a good chunk of Aquaman Vol 5 on DC Universe (it has the whole run). While reading, I discovered Noble, who I feel is a very interesting character. I'm planning on reading the whole run, as both Koryak and Deep Blue make their debuts. Plus, it'll give me the opportunity to leave more about Aquaman and his supporting cast.

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    • I highly recommend the entirety of Aquaman Vol 5.

      + David's run changed Aquaman's portrayal into one that was used for a long, long time. David facilitated Garth's transition from Aqualad to Tempest. He evolved the character of Dolphin to levels much, much higher than she had exhibited before. She became really fleshed out. David created Koryak and Deep Blue, two significant characters in the Aqua mythos with ties to the larger DC mythos. And he created a bunch of other fun supporting characters, like Letifos, Guardian of Hy-Brasil, Spought, A.J., and others. And he brought back other lesser characters and gave them more, like Nuada. Most importantly, though, he really fleshed out the history of Atlantis, adding many new ancient cities and civilization and -- well, it's great what he does for the Aqua-mythos.

      + Abnett's run gave closure to A.J. and brought back Mera. Furthermore, Abnett is the one responsible for giving Mera her "bad@$$" personality that she has mostly been maintaining since then up to now.

      + Larsen's run introduced the Landlovers, especially Lagoon Boy, Blubber, and Sheeva. Larsen also introduced Noble, who is a main character in his run (but not anywhere else). Larsen brought back Arthur's mother. Importantly, Larsen married Garth and Dolphin and had Dolphin become pregnant.

      + Jurgens' run had Garth's baby (Cerdian) being born and then a whole war was fought over it. Tempest was almost as much of a main character in Jurgens' run as Aquaman was, and I love it for that. Tempest was kick-tail in that run.

      Final Note: With Neptune Perkins, I imagine him more likely making an appearance in the Aquaman movie as "Senator Perkins," simply a senator on the surface who is name-dropped. That would be nice.

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