• The DCSHG cartoon is being launched this month. Additionally, "The Late Batsby" short which was aired prior to the TTGo movie is now on Youtube.

    Therefore, it looks like a good time to start a discussion on how the Wiki will handle the new show.

    It has been confirmed this isn't the same universe than the original DCSHG webseries. The characters have secret identities and different personalities and backstories, and they go to a regular school.

    So, how should this universe be named? And since "The Late Babsy" short was aired half year ago, we should begin creating character pages?

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    • Yeah, I really have no idea. I really wish they had used a different name.

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    • The new series' episodes will obviously be called DC Super Hero Girls (TV Series) Episode: Whatever. "The Late Batsby" should be classified as a tv Episode so it doesn't get mixed with the old webseries shorts.

      But the universe? No idea. Maybe "DC Super Hero Girls Cartoon"? It doesn't sound well, but...

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    • I guess that’s the best we can use, ugh, that’s an awful universe designation, alternatively we could call the old one DC Super Hero Girls Webseries, it would be better for the current to have good SEO.

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    • If we do that, make the new one "DC Super Hero Girls TV Series". Because they're both cartoons.

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    • "alternatively we could call the old one DC Super Hero Girls Webseries"

      There's a problem with that. Two problems, actually. The old universe was a webseries, several animated movies and novels. And the new one is a tv series which will be preceeded by a youtube series:

      ""The Late Batsby” (premiered with the theatrical release of Teen Titans Go! To the Movies) features Lauren Faust’s new character designs for DC Super Hero Girls. Catch an all-new web series, “DC Super Hero Girls: Super Shorts” premiering January 17!"

      Source (which I will not link to just in case): DC Super Hero Girls Youtube channel.

      So, "DC Super Hero Girls TV Series" is it? I don't like, but I'm not sure that we can come up with a better name.

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    • I know I can't. And there's still the LEGO series which is technically a separate show (but a shared continuity)

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    • DC Super Hero Girls I and DC Super Hero Girls II?

      (tongue in cheek)

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    • I... I can't decide whether it's better or worse.

      I reckon it'd be worse SEO-wise (I guess. I barely understand what it is about other than "names likelier to pop up during a Google search"), so maybe it'd be less desirable?

      Whatever it is, we need to make a decision today. The "DC Super Hero Girls Super Shorts", er, shorts premiere today. And "The Late Batsby" doesn't have a page yet!

      I guess it should be something like:

      DC Super Hero Girls (TV Series): Page including everything related to the new cartoon: youtube shorts, tv series and "The Late Batsby" which should probably be listed as a Special episode.

      "DC Super Hero Girls Super Shorts (Shorts) Episode: Super Sleeper": Namepage for Youtube episodes. Or something like that? Ugh. I hate that name but I guess we can't call them "DC Super Hero Girls Super (Shorts) Episode)

      Tongue-in-cheek comment: Maybe "DC Super Hero Girls Super" wouldn't be a bad universe name. Heh.

      "DC Super Hero Girls (TV Series) Episode: Whatever": Namepage for the cartoon episodes.

      Barbara Gordon (DC Super Hero Girls TV Series): Namepage for characters.

      Hopefully we can reach a consensus before launching the pages.

      A pity "DC Super Hero Girls Super" is out of question. The more I think about, the more I like. I mean, it can't be worse than "DCSHG TV Series". But nobody ever will call the show that, so...

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    • I think the TV Series one is the best we've got. We'd need to explain it on the disambig but that shouldn't be too hard.

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    • Okay, "DC Super Hero Girls: Super Shorts" has premiered. The first short's name is "Super Sleeper".

      I want to create the series page, but I need help. How should it be called? "DC Super Hero Girls TV Series"? And the episode name would be... What? "DC Super Hero Girls Super Shorts (Shorts) Episode: Super Sleeper"? And what about "The Late Batsby" theatrical short?

      Can someone help me, please?

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    • If it's a standalone short, "The Late Batsby (Short)". See Batman Beyond (Short) and Joker's Playhouse (Movie). The other one...

      "DC Super Hero Girls: Super Shorts (Shorts)". Because screw it all.

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    • Oh god, how can little girl cartoons get so complicated? How is their target audience not confused?

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    • Atheist723 wrote: How is their target audience not confused?

      We are in a transition period right now, but eventually the new DCSHG will replace the old DCSHG. The old DCSHG dolls and toys will go on clearance, the old DCSHG DVDs and graphic novels will go out of print, and the the old DCSHG webisodes will be taken down, to be replaced by new stuff derived from the new DCSHG TV show.

      So there may be some confusion in the target audience for a year or so, but it will go away when the old DCSHG goes away.

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    • Tupka217 wrote: "DC Super Hero Girls: Super Shorts (Shorts)". Because screw it all.

      You are an inspiration for us all.

      So, if I got this right, the page which will include the new youtube shorts as well as the tv show (whenever it premieres) and the theatrical short is "DC Super Hero Girls TV Series" and the shorts "DC Super Hero Girls Super Shorts (Shorts) Episode: Supe Sleeper" and the future tv episodes will be "DC Super Hero Girls (TV Series) Episode: Whatever"


      I think.

      On it. May God have mercy upon my soul.

      Atheist723 wrote: Oh god, how can little girl cartoons get so complicated? How is their target audience not confused?

      The same way little kids comics get so complicated, I reckon. Looking forward to the future annual crossover where both universes will be thankfully numbered and the inevitable Crisis on DCSHG Infinite Earths.

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