• I'm just curious. What causes a actor image to replace another or to show up when you look their Actor by Role category? For example, Jeffrey Combs' image replacing David W. Thompson's in the Actors who portrayed Jonathan Crane category and Ryan Potter's image showing up in the Actors who portrayed Garfield Logan when it previously had none?

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    • First off, I've got the categories defaulting to plain lists. So, with the exception of image categories, I don't see images in the categories.

      Second, in most case, as I understand it, the "Exhibition" and "Dynamic" preferences update the listing as images are added to a page. When listed as a subcategory, I have no idea how the system picks the image shown.

      Last, the system is inconsistent in updating the categories. If the images did not propagate to the category pages right after you uploaded and placed them, it is either that or it took time on your end for your computer to update the page version it had cached.

      Hope this helps.

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