• As stated in justice league #19 and dark knights metal #6, the monitors are the same people reincarnated in the sixth dimension after each death and remember each incarnation of the multiverse. Mandrakk and Nix Uotan even remember what happened in final crisis and Mandrakk is still trapped in a black hole until he was freed in The Unexpected. With all this being said, Shouldn't all of the monitor pages such as Nix Uotan (New Earth) and Nix Uotan (Prime Earth) or Anti-monitor and Mobius or Monitor (Pre-Crisis) and Over-Monitor (Prime Earth) be merged because they are the same multiversal beings?

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    • Exactly. Cf. (e.g.) The Presence.

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    • Although unlike the Presence, they'd need some sort of () because we're not going to have a page like "Bob". (Monitor), (Monitors) or (Monitor Sphere)?

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    • I mean Bob’s Page is under Monitor Bob, based on Category:Monitors only Nix and the Crisis monitors have universe designations, the pages we’d have would be

      1. (Monitor)? Nix Uoton
      2. Monitor Bob
      3. Monitor Dax Novu
      4. Monitor Rox Ogama
      5. Monitor Solomon
      6. Monitor Weeja Dell
      7. Monitor Zillo Valla
      8. Anti-Monitor/Mobius (depends which page name we’d go with)
      9. Monitor

      The Monitor is the only problem, cause the Monitor Page is currently taken up for the disambig, I assume all adaptations in film/tv/Johnny DC universes won’t be counted as the same so we’re really only merging two sets of pages.

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    • Or well, there is also the problem of the Anti-Monitor/Mobius, those versions are not at all similar and it’s hard to argue that they can be called the same character in any way.

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    • Doesn't Mobius mention that the old Anti montior WAS him in a past incarnation?

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