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    I would like direction on Krona's Power Gauntlet.

    1. Title of the page is "Krona's Power Gauntlet". (Another apostrophe. Great.)

    2. There are no existing pages for anything but Krona himself.

    3. The gauntlet is an important part of several storylines because it bypasses the Oan Central Battery when the battery is compromised. It's also the first willpower...uh ... -powered device in this universe.

    4. The Gauntlet exists in both NE and PE and appears at least 18 times. There's no (universe) designation for an item in the database, yes, but:

    5. In Hal Jordan &TGLC #20-21; a future version of the Gauntlet has achieved sentience (crudely) and battles Hal in the present. So for one issue in PE, the gauntlet becomes a character called Cataclysm; then is destroyed.

    My thinking:

    • make a page for the gauntlet, with a sub-heading for the character Cataclysm
    • add a link to an existing Cataclysm disambiguation page, so there's a link to Krona's Power Gauntlet.

    If proper form demands that Cataclysm has his own page designated PE, I would do this also. I just don't know what the proper form is for these abnormal characters I seem to like.

    Thanks for any direction

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    • Just one page with no universe designation suffices. I think it’s redlinked as Krona’s Gauntlet.

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    • Thanks Tupka. The red link is in Krona PE and I'm going to update it. Appreciate! R

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    • I think there are more redlinks, including appearances. I’m at home-home on my phone atm, but I can bot any others when I get home tonight.

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    • Thanks. I like the sound of automating the changeover.

      Would this also change pages that only have the Gauntlet down in regular text, and not as a hotlink? I have a list of most appearances in NE and PE and will add it/ update it to those pages, so all appearances should get covered between us.

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