• Today, the Digital Comic Museum and Comic Book Plus were dealt a blow by DC/WB's legal department. As announced here - NOTICE - Fawcett Comics changes due to copyright status - a large number of the Fawcett comics previously hosted on the two sites are apparently not in the public domain as previously believed and have been removed from both sites.

    The list of removed comics, quoted from the linked forum post:

       Captain Marvel Adventures nos. 3-6, 46-129, 131-141 and 143-150;
       Captain Marvel Jr. nos. 29-34, 36-106, 108-117 and 119;
       Captain Marvel Story Book nos. 1-2;
       Fawcett's Funny Animals nos. 31-79;
       Hoppy the Marvel Bunny nos. 1-15;
       The Marvel Family nos. 1-3, 5-80, 82-89;
       Mary Marvel Comics nos. 1-28;
       Master Comics nos. 61-126, 128-132;
       Whiz Comics nos. 3-6, 64-98, 105-118, 130-153 and 155;
       Wow Comics nos. 36-69.

    And any foreign editions containing reprints of copyrighted material from the listed issues.

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    • I hope that many of these issues will be added to the DC Universe streaming service at least. New print collections would also be cool.

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    • Frustratingly, the forum thread linked above does not provide any evidence but they claim that sufficient evidence was given to the forum administrators. A sad day for the public domain.

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    • Annoying, as GCD is a major source for images for us. As Johnny said, I hope this means they'll expand the DCU library, even though their comic reader is crap.

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    • One thing this shows is that it's really hard to determine which Fawcett characters may be in the public domain. There has been some argument here that we should not make character pages for early Fawcett characters (from the first few years) because they were almost certainly in the public domain years before DC bought Fawcett's comics division.

      But this shows a comic as early as Whiz Comics #3A is still under copyright. So we should include all Fawcett characters* -- which is our policy anyway, but this reinforces the policy.

      *except the ones we know Charlton bought, but that's a different issue
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    • Why would that be germane? We have comics about Sherlock Holmes and Robin Hood here.

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    • I believe the argument was that if DC didn't technically own the character and DC had not yet chosen to revive the character, then they are clutter. This was being made about characters like the Hunchback and the Devil's Dagger. Of course, then DC did revive (or at least reference) the Hunchback, so it goes to show you never know.

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    • So there are umpteen dozen excellent old Fawcett stories that we can't access because DC does own them, and other old Fawcett stories that we shouldn't work on because DC doesn't own them, or might not own them. Bah.

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    • Stoop, that argument (that PD Fawcett issues/characters shouldn't be indexed) was a minority opinion that never became policy. Index away!

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    • That's some consolation, I suppose. And it's not like I was even trying to abide by that policy, but I'm still glad it's not one.

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    • DrJohnnyDiablo wrote: I hope that many of these issues will be added to the DC Universe streaming service at least. New print collections would also be cool.

      New print collections seem unlikely, given DC's recent chicken-out on publishing that Monster Society of Evil collection. grumble mutter sputter BAH.

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