• What exactly is considered a legitimate source? I know that the comics themselves are the primary ones, but what else?

    The reason I ask concerns the Legion. In this issue, Karate Kid and Triplicate Girl are recrutied by a mysterious team that may or may not be the Knights Tempus, the same team that recruited Cosmic Boy thirteen issues earlier. It's never explicitly stated that KK and TG's team is the Knights Tempus, but there is a somewhat significant amount of evidence that they are.

    Jim Shooter, the writer of the issue, pretty much confirmed that it was the Knights Tempus on his blog here.

    To save you the trouble, the link leads to a blog post where he shows the official story summaries of several issues of LOSH, including #43. It reads,

    "KARATE KID and TRIPLICATE GIRL are GONE FOREVER, taken a thousand years into the future by the KNIGHTS TEMPUS!"

    Would this be considered a legitimate source?

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    • Yes. Creator statements (that clear up unknowns) are valid sources - until they are contradicted by something on-panel.

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    • Great! I thought I remembered seeing that somewhere, but I wanted to confirm.

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